IPFS Cluster Service

IPFS Cluster Dec 15, 2019

The ipfs-cluster-service is a command line application that runs a full cluster peer:

The ipfs-cluster-service provides its own help by running ipfs-cluster-service --help or ipfs-cluster-service <command> --help.


ipfs-cluster-service offers two debugging options:

  • --debug enables debug logging from the ipfs-cluster, go-libp2p-raft and go-libp2p-rpc layers. This will be a very verbose log output, but at the same time it is the most informative.
  • --loglevel sets the log level ([error, warning, info, debug]) for the ipfs-cluster only, allowing to get an overview of the what cluster is doing. The default log-level is info.

By default, logs are coloured. To disable log colours set the IPFS_LOGGING_FMT environment variable to nocolor.


To download ipfs-cluster-service check the downloads page.


Vaibhav Saini

Co-Founder Dappkit, SimpleAsWater | YC SUS 19 | IITD | Blockchain | AI | Writer

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