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NewsLetter Jun 19, 2020

Hey SimpleAsWater Reader!

I hope you are well and staying safe.

We have been working to make SimpleAsWater better for our readers. This week we reworked the website UI so that it is easy to find relevant content on the website.

Built-in Search: Search posts on any topic

Searching content on different topics

Dark Theme: Toggle the dot on the top right for dark theme

Behold, the Dark Mode
Scroll through Featured Articles

There are a lot more cool features with this new UI release. Go check it out.

Let us know what topics you want to see next

Feel Free to add your suggestions in the Typeform.

Turn data collection into an experience with Typeform. Create beautiful online forms, surveys, quizzes, and so much more. Try it for FREE.

Direct Message Newsletters

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SimpleAsWater Daily Web 3.0 Newsletter
SimpleAsWater Daily Web 3.0 Newsletter: Receive 1 curated Web 3.0 resource with summary every evening on WhatsApp, Telegram, Discord, and Email.: Receive 1 curated Web 3.0 resource with summary every evening on WhatsApp, Telegram, Discord, and Email..

Launching SimpleAsWater Membership

In order make SimpleAsWater better, and support it to keep it running, we have started SimpleAsWater Membership.

Members will have access to following features:

14 Day Trial
Updates to Internships, Jobs Offers
Updates to Grants, Bounties
Access to Private Q/A in Discord
Request what posts you want next
Full access to private posts
Regular updates with new content
Publishing on SimpleAsWater

You can choose between the following membership plans: $5/month & $50/year

We will still continue to provide free content to the community, but any amount of support is appreciated.

Gitcoin Grants

We also have a Gitcoin Grants up.

💰SimpleAsWater | Grants
SimpleAsWater is an incentivized, RFC driven, open-source learning community. What problems do we solve? 1) Lack of Freely Available Structured Content: Right now I need to scavenge resources from different websites, twitter, youtube etc. It makes the learning process slow. Need to structure the c…

Feel free to donate as much as you are comfortable with to keep the show running 😉

Help us spread the word

Feel Free to forward this email to anyone who you think will be interested in SimpleAsWater.


Vaibhav Saini

Co-Founder Dappkit, SimpleAsWater | YC SUS 19 | IITD | Blockchain | AI | Writer

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