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Substrate Jun 17, 2020

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A curated list of awesome resources of Substrate, Polkadot, ParityTech and Web3 Foundation.

Substrate is an open-source framework that lets you build entire, configurable blockchains in minimal time. Optionally, you can then deploy your blockchain to the Polkadot network, which has pooled security and other advantages. See a detailed summary here.

With Substrate, you get the following *customizable- functionalities out-of-the-box:


Community Blogs

Key Articles


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Official Wikis

Community Maintained Resources





  • Partnering with Longhash on a Polkadot incubator program


Ecosystem Blockchains

Ecosystem Tools

Projects using Substrate

Showcasing projects built on Substrate

  • Substrate multisig. Repo
  • Merkle tree module. Repo
  • Parking spaces registry using Substrate. Repo
  • An "Apple Store": sells apples using Substrate. Repo
  • ChainLink - developing an oracle (announcement)
  • DataHighway - decentralized IoT roaming, mining (locking, signalling), inter-chain data market, DAO (website, docs & technical paper, Github)
  • 0x protocol - decentralized exchange (Tweet)
  • Aragon - unstoppable organizations, DAOs (Presentation)
  • AdEx - implementing their registry (announcement)
  • ChainX - developing a Bitcoin and Ethereum bridge (announcement)
  • Ocean Protocol - ecosystem for sharing data (presentations)
  • Energy Web Foundation - building an energy network (announcement)
  • iExec - decentralized cloud computing (announcement)
  • Edgeware - building a WASM-based smart contract platform (website)
  • ZeroChain - zK-SNARKs chain built on Substrate (announcement)
  • Robonomics - cyber-physical systems integration (Twitter status)
  • MXC - IoT protocol (website & technical paper)
  • Joystream - A user governed video platform (announcement)
  • Asure Network - social security network (website)
  • Kilt Protocol - identity trust market (website)
  • PACTCare - Metadata Blockchain based on Substrate called Starlog (GitHub)
  • Blink Network - lightning fast payments (website)
  • Akropolis - global pensions infrastructure (announcement)
  • LayerX - zk-SNARKs chain (announcement)
  • Plasm - Plasm is a Substrate Runtime Module Library allows developers to add Plasma functions to their Substrate chain (GitHub)
  • Speckle OS - universal identity and account parachain (announcement)
  • Evolution Land - a virtual management game based on blockchain (Github)
  • Katal Chain - Standard Framework for Finance (website)
  • Substrate Api Client - a rust library for connecting to substrate RPC API over websockets (Github)
  • Encointer - an egalitarian cryptocurrency and decentralized identity system (encointer.org / Github)
  • Substrate Dex - an decentrolized exchange demo build by substrate (Github)
  • Starmesh - 🛰🌍 Earth Observation data. 👀 Cryptographically verifiable and 🕸 distributed. (website, Github, Twitter)
  • KodaDot - VueJs wallet & governance dashboard for @polkadot and @substrate_io based networks. - (website, Github, Twitter)
  • Subsocial - A protocol for social networks and marketplaces. (website, GitHub, Twitter)





Substrate and Polkadot

Tutorial Repositories

Tutorial Step by Step



YouTube Channels



*As of 8 Feb 2019


Helpful Diagrams


SRML is composable

Substrate parallelises transactions:

You can hack at various layers of Substrate:


Polkadot is composable

Polkadot chains

Relay chain vs Parachain

How PoS staking affects finality:

Polkadot pools security:

Difference btw Polkadot parachains vs Substrate chains:

Relaychain, parachains, bridgechains

Solo chains, bridge chains, parachains

Transaction flow:


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